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cara menggugurkan dengan pinsip 4P

Before you cara menggugurkan kandungan decide to have an abortion with Misoprostol, there are important principles you must remember, that the principle of 4P or Positive, Plan, Preparation & Perform.Apa are included in the 4P principle, this list:

Positive, meaning that you actually already confirmed the pregnancy, and the results are positive. You can do a test-pack to find out if you are pregnant or not. Accurate results can be performed with ultrasound or ultrasound, but examination of the test-pack alone is cukup.Pastikan age pregnancy is not more than 13 weeks. To calculate the gestational age can be calculated by counting the First Day of Last Menstrual (HPMT) or with ultrasound or ultrasound. You can also check the calendar here. Positive also meaning that you believe is your own decision, not a decision a couple or family. It is your body, you are only entitled to regulate what will you do with your body.

cara menggugurkan dengan pinsip 4P

Plan or plans. Make sure you have a plan when and where you will have an abortion. You can do yourself at home in his spare time. Take off from work if necessary and allocate a whole day for the abortion process and the rest afterwards. Take the time is not crowded, lest you act when you are also receiving a lot of guests in the house. In addition to planning the place, you also must have the following plans:

Who will stand with you? You are not allowed to abortion alone, make sure that there must be accompanying you during the abortion process, and should the person who you believe and not to panic.

Make sure you have a plan regarding the nearest hospital that can be accessed in case of an emergency. Including the mode of transport would you use.

Preparation or preparation. You must set up a few things before abortions include:

Prepare medicines suggested, either pain relief or antibiotics (if you have certain infectious conditions). For pain relief you can buy ibuprofen or paracetamol at a nearby pharmacy.

Prepare regular-size pads for bleeding later.

Make sure you have a great meal at least 3-4 hours before the procedure. Full stomach can aggravate the condition of nausea and vomiting

Prepare your favorite music and movies. Avoid mellow music and movies. It's time you watch a comedy movie to entertain yourself. Remember, feelings of sadness and confusion will not help you through the process with ease. Precisely because of obat penggugur kandungan sadness and confusion you can be so stressful. When you stress, the muscles of the vagina will tighten and this will lead to increased pain.

Also make sure you have enough credit in hp of yours to make sure you can contact other people or counselor if needed. If you had a pulse internet, you'll also be able ngetweet and facebookan during the process 🙂

Perform or execution. Ok, everything is planned and prepared carefully. It's time you execute your plan. Keep calm and Confident. It is your decision, this is your life.

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